January Meditation

LoveYourself2This month’s meditation will take place SUNDAY, January 28 from 8:00-8:10 am CST. Our theme for this month is LOVE for the Self. Most of our meditations have been about directing our energy outward, so it’s time to direct inward and replenish ourselves.

It is a blessing and a joy to help others, but we can become depleted if we do not add ourselves to the list. We become more able to love others unconditionally when we nourish our own hearts and spirits. Visualize a gentle pink ball of light surrounding your heart. Breathe in and out through this ball. Expand the ball to encapsulate your whole body.

Thank yourselves for your participation!

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December Meditation


This month’s meditation will take place SATURDAY, December 23 from 11:00-11:10 am CST. Our theme for this month is compassion. If we are to evolve as individuals, and collectively as humans, we must develop compassion for one another.

It can be difficult to have compassion for those we believe are in “the wrong” or harming others, but take a moment to realize they are often coming from a place of pain themselves. For our meditation, feel a hand coming out from your own heart. Visualize the hand growing in size, becoming large enough to hold planet earth. Feel the love and common connection we all have as members of the human race.

Thank you all for lending your hands!

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November Meditation


This month’s meditation will take place THIS SUNDAY November 26 from 2:00-2:10 pm CST. Our theme for this month is gratitude. For many of our group the thanksgiving holiday has just passed, but any time a prayer can be said in thanks versus supplication it is a powerful thing.

We’re going to do something a bit different this time. Let’s each make a list of 5 things that exist in our life for which we are grateful. Next, make a list of 5 things in the world for which we are grateful. After that let’s list 5 things for each category that do not yet exist, but for which we are grateful. 

Thank YOU all (in advance!) for your participation!

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October Meditation


This month’s meditation is about joy.  It will take place Saturday October 28, 11-11:10 am CST. Joy is more than an emotion, it is a state of being. Let’s bring this state of being to ourselves first, so we then become beacons, shining our joy to others like little suns.

You might picture yourself as a sun, starting to visualize a light in your core. Feel it warm you as it fills your whole body, then radiates to fill the room. Let the radiance grow till it fills the planet and heads outward to the infinity of space. Carry the little sun inside you as long and as often as you can after the meditation. Thank you for your participation.

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September Meditation


Hello all!

This month’s meditation will take place Sunday September 24th from 9:00-9:10 am CST.

This month’s meditation is about calm. There has been increased chaos in our weather and our collective psyche, so let’s do our best to balance it with calm.

You may use the image above as a visualization, or focus on your breath counting inhales and exhales. Imagine calm as a color or a ripple that spreads out from you to fill the room you are in, then your neighborhood, your city, your country, our world.

Thank you for participating!

: )

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August Meditation

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 12.41.28 PM

Hello all!
This month’s meditation will take place Saturday August 26th from 9:00-9:10 am CST. I’m writing this month’s theme during the eclipse, as it has me feeling contemplative about the idea of illumination and of forces greater than ourselves.

This month’s meditation is about allowing. Allowing God to guide our lives and the lives of all beings on the planet. Let’s use the imagery of the eclipse to envision the bright light of spirit that is always shining on all the people of earth, even when clouds or darkness appear temporarily obscure our view.

Thank you for participating!


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July Meditation

is my voodoo working?

Hello all!
This month’s meditation will take place Sunday June 30th from 1:00-1:10 pm CST. This month’s theme is accepting change. Change happens on a constant basis within us and in our external world on. As all beings grow toward enlightenment eventually, change is therefore always ultimately positive, though can appear otherwise at the time it is happening.

During our prayer/meditation, visualize yourself floating in a flowing river. You are buoyant without effort, but can breathe underwater if necessary. As you encounter any obstacles in this river (a boulder or tree perhaps), feel yourself gently moving as you and the current of the water flow around them.

Feel the peace of this, and radiate that feeling outward.

Thank you for participating!


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