surrender dorothy!

April 25, 2008 at 9:45 pm Leave a comment

Ever have one of those days, or weeks when you know you are fighting the tide of the universe, and surprise – nothing’s going your way? Dunno about you, but I continue to be stubborn about working my will, despite repeated evidence of the inefficiency of it. This last round went a bit longer than most, as the (perceived) stakes were high: my heart. Like many of you, I have been longing for my soulmate, life partner, guy who makes my heart go pitter-pat – the one that stays around for a long time. Despite various signs from the Universe that true love WILL indeed be on my list of life experiences, I got really mad that it hasn’t already happened. Like mad for WEEKS. It didn’t bring him to me any faster (surprise) and all I got was an upset stomach. I worked myself up into such a froth, indeed I was the mad dog I appeared to be. I finally just plumb wore myself out. When I pictured that scene in The Wizard of Oz where the witch skywrites “surrender Dorothy” with her broom, I had to laugh – and the spell was broken. But hey baby, if you see this, email will ya? LOL  Oh, and just for creative exploration, a great new link to an online think tank called Ted. Listen, view and be inspired.

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