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What is Soul’s Calling and why blog about it?

Soul’s Calling is a line of gifts and accessories that all have a positive message on them, and positive energy in them. Aside from that, it is a lifestyle credo and social movement. In English – the products are created especially to make people happy. They do this two ways – first through the inspirational/happy words on the products, and then through the actual energy put into the product. I believe that all things hold the energy of those who make and distribute them. The difference is that I am consciously directing this energy to be as positive or “high frequency” as possible. Since all of us humans are made of energy too, (think quantum physics or the movie “what the bleep do we know“.) I consider the products to be the vehicles for this Positive Energy Transfer (or PET for short). I has also been brainstorming ways that the products can be used in public demonstrations to spread more happiness and raise more frequencies in the world. The why is simple. The world needs more love. And love (very high frequency energy) is a true, actual, real way to make changes in our physical world. So, get on the mailing list to join club happy – or start your own wave of love today by doing or saying one nice thing to another human. And thanks in advance.

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Artsy fartsy ideas

Good morning everyone! Went to a fashion show last night called Social Fabrics. Using technology, the idea of interconnectivity and wearbles was explored. Some pieces included a set of  two pendants. Each pendant has a wireless signal and LED display. When the wearers are within a certain vicinity, the LED lights alert each person as their signals are picked up. Could be great for finding your significant other in a crowd – or avoiding them. lol In any event, it made me think a lot about how technology can both connect and isolate us. Ironic, considering I am connecting with you through a blog right now… Speaking of new ideas, there are two great trend websites that I check at least a couple times a week. Springwise and PSFK – check them out. There are some truly amazing things happening all over the world, and thanks to the Internet we can all share them. One last share – have a wonderful and sunny day. My suggestion is to set a timer and take 10 minutes to just let your imagination wander.: )

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hello happy people!

Welcome to the very first posting of the Soul’s Calling blog.  I hope it to be fun, inspirational and useful. Today’s topic is integrity.  Staying true to your word is important, as it shows the respect you have for yourself as well as others. We all make mistakes, or overextend ourselves once in awhile, but let’s for this rest of this week – c’mon it’s already Thursday – you can do this! – make integrity at the top of our to have lists. Oh hey, and here’s a good source for good news.

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