April Meditation

Hello friends! This month’s prayer/meditation will take place Sunday, April 23, from 3-3:10 (CST). The focus will be the health and well-being of the physical bodies of all humans incarnated on the planet at this time.

I was originally thinking renewal would be our theme, as it is spring as well as the month of Passover and Easter – but physical health came to the forefront and so here we are.

Here is a decree that you may wish to say out loud. This decree is a prayer of affirmation vs. supplication, so it is especially powerful.

As always, use your own inner guidance as to how you participate – and thank you!

“I AM” the Mighty Presence of this Alert Radiant Energy surging through my mind and body, dismissing everything unlike Itself. I take my stand in this Alert, Radiant Energy and Joy for all time!”

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March Meditation

siyan-ren-14409Hello to all and hope you are well. This month’s meditation will take place Saturday March 18 from 1-1:10 pm. The area of focus for this month is releasing what no longer serves the good of mankind.

In our limited human perceptions, I don’t think any one of us knows what all those things are specifically. So it seems efficient to me to let God do the heavy lifting on that part. lol  I’ve chosen the image of a high flying bird to inspire, but please use whatever image/sound etc. inspires you.

Thanks for participating and feel free to post any comments. : )

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February Meditation


Hello all and happy late-winter to you. This month’s meditation is scheduled for Saturday Feb. 18 from 1-1:10 pm. This will be a heart-centered meditation, focusing on compassion. My recommend is to visualize an open flower in the center of your heart, and to breathe through that flower. (Thanks to Mel Brand for this technique.)

As you inhale, breathe in compassion, filling yourself with the feeling.  As you  exhale, send the feeling out from your heart.

Fill the room, the house, the neighborhood, the city, the state, the country, the planet. Thanks for participating, and please feel free to post any comments.

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January Meditation

Happy New Year everyone! This month’s meditation is scheduled for Sunday, January 29th from 9 -9:10 am (CST). Our energy will focus on helping to raise the consciousness of the U.S. President for the good of all.

This is not a criticism of his current level of consciousness, but a sincere acknowledgement of the spirit of divinity that resides within us all. My suggestion for a visual during the meditation is white light but please do what you feel guided to do. Thanks for your participation!

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snow magic

It’s snowing today in Dallas and I have to say I am just loving it! The snow in Dallas is the good, packy kind – perfect for snowballs. So I made a few and threw them (like a girl) at the side of my garage. Sometimes we forget about seeing the world with the wonder and fun spirit that children possess. Let’s all take a minute to remind ourselves of the pure magic that exists all around us, everyday. When was the last time you felt magic and what triggered it?

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stuff in the ethers

Have you ever noticed the same invention being in invented in several places at the same time? It’s like the idea is out there and several people tap into it at once. I have a Google Alert set for the words “Soul’s Calling” and in the last month, the number of alerts has gone crazy!

Most of the links are connected to blogs or sites that related to healing and inspiration – like this 21-day consciousness cleanse on Oprah.com. My theory is that the current economic climate and world events are causing a massive movement of conscious toward asking the question “what is my Soul’s Calling?”

I believe that we all have a Soul, and that Soul is always trying to talk with us, and “nudge” us forward toward growth, healing and joy.

So, what is your Soul saying today?

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gratitude with a capital G

Hello happy people! I feel so much gratitude these days. I go through periods where I keep a “daily 5” list of thing I am grateful for. Today it’s: 1. quiet, rainy days. 2. caffeine. 3. kissing.  4. friends to love.  5. ostrich jerky. Getting into the mode of being grateful for things you already have brings more good things. The challenge to be grateful comes when things aren’t  so good – but this is the time it is most important. No matter how bad things seem, there is always something to be grateful for. For some inspiration to the wonders of this world we are living in, here is a link to some very cool cloud pictures and video. Enjoy and may you always find blue skies.


: )


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